Mr Pike: the story behind the Ibiza legend

The man who made the Pike Ibiza Hotel famous as a party paradise tells his story in his own words. It's the place where George Michael, Wham, Julio Iglesias, Boy George and Freddie Mercury of Queen used to hang out. Learn what really happened when the rich and famous stayed at the legendary hotel in Spain.




Book written by Tony Pike with Matt Trollope.

Audiobook Narrated by Howard J Davey.







Trailer Narrated by Jade Asha.

A Mule, A Cow & 5 Jugs of Shine

Written by Karen Wimberley

   In East Tennessee, 1926, a young girl is "traded" by her own father for a mule, a cow, and five jugs of moonshine. In disbelief, the girl known as Minnie Leigh comes to terms with what that really means. Determined to change her fate she sets out on a path filled with uncertainty and fueled by determination to fight back.

A Mule A Cow 5 Jugs of Shine Audiobook-W
A Journey Through Pines

Written & Narrated by Jimmy Andrews

Total Running Time 3 hours 37 min

The original book that inspired the motion picture, A Journey Through Pines is where the story of Jack Taylor began. The story begins in his childhood as Jack sets off on a life-long journey to find a lover who will accept him for all that he is and is not. Jack does not realize he has been on such a journey until his mother dies. She dies only hours after he has made plans to move home and take care of her. 

Following her death, Jack is forced to revisit his childhood bitterness for manipulating women. 

By accident, the power of a youthful first love resurfaces and begins to soften his heart. Jack becomes entangled in the doomed relationship. In retreat, Jack almost misses the love affair he longed for, only to have it stolen from him by unchangeable circumstances. Deciding to abandon his convictions to find unconditional love, Jack settles for a larger endeavor - trying to instill the impenitent search for inner peace in his young daughter. 

Free Sample - Narrator: Jimmy Andrews
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God Answered My Prayer

Written by Karen Wimberley

This illustrated children's book is a perfect way to introduce any child to the power of prayer. The author uses real-life scenarios that any age youngster can apply to their own lives. 

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