Save Rosemary

Save Rosemary - Feature Film


ROSEMARY’S FRIEND: Firuze Dogru - Instanbul, Turkey

NEWS ANCHOR #1: Gürsan Piri Onurlu - Istanbul, Turkey

NEWS ANCHOR #2: Christina Wood - Meridian, Mississippi, USA

DR. ABIGAIL KINCAID: Candyce Weir - Vancouver, British Columbia

ROSEMARY #1: Tracey Collis - Perigueux, France

ROSEMARY #2: Charlotte Gould - Aukland, New Zealand

ROSEMARY #3: Erkida Rista - Jerusalem, Israel

ROSEMARY #4: Bronte’ Stanfield - Seattle, Washington, USA

ROSEMARY #5: Sara Inoa - Poughkeepsie, New York

ROSEMARY #6: Sarah Elisabeth Flinton - Yorkshire, England, UK

ROSEMARY #7: Pat Goddard - Glasgow, Scotland

THE WRONG ROSEMARY #1: Noémi Sárog - Budapest, Hungary

THE WRONG ROSEMARY #2: Stacey Joyner - Starkville, Mississippi

REPORTER: Sonya Peña - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Samson & Delilah: The Unfinished Chapter

Samson & Delilah: The Unfinished Chapter - The Movie

Roles Being Cast: Samson (Male 25-50), Delilah (Female 20-40)...

Download the side scripts and submit a "video" audition!

Screenwriter Wanted

Accepted submissions will have their script optioned/purchased by us.

The screenwriter will participate in the direction of the film.

No age restrictions.

Open to all screen genres.

Length anywhere between 15 - 90 minutes.

This is an on-going submission search for screenplays.


Looking for screenwriters to continue an on-going series. based around the unexpected consequences when what a person writes or sketches actually comes true without their initial knowledge! 

scripts should be between 10-30 minutes in length

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