Save Rosemary

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Save Rosemary - Feature Film

This is a groundbreaking film being produced and filmed remotely around the world by the cast themselves - WHILE IN QUARANTINE!

The story begins when a woman named Rosemary finds out she is only one of seven other women who have the right antibodies to create a vaccine for COVID19. There isn't enough serum to inject all seven. A worldwide bidding war is being held in secret to determine which one of the seven will be chosen to receive the serum.

A research doctor uncovers the covert operation and steals the serum. Her plan is to hand the power back over to the people and allow the world's population to "vote" on which woman is injected and rids us of COVID19.

The irony? All seven women are named Rosemary!

The film audience will actually vote on which Rosemary they want to save.

Releases on Youtube July 1, 2020.


ROSEMARY’S FRIEND: Firuze Dogru - Turkey

NEWS ANCHOR #1: Gürsan Piri Onurlu - Istanbul

NEWS ANCHOR #2: Christina Wood - Mississippi

DR. ABIGAIL KINCAID: Candyce Weir - Vancouver

ROSEMARY #1: Tracey Collis - France

ROSEMARY #2: Charlotte Gould - United Kingdom

ROSEMARY #3: Erkida Rista - Israel

ROSEMARY #4: Bronte’ Stanfield - Seattle

ROSEMARY #5: Sara Inoa - New York

ROSEMARY #6: Sarah Elisabeth Flinton - England

ROSEMARY #7: Pat Goddard - Scotland

THE WRONG ROSEMARY: Noémi Sárog - Hungary

REPORTER: Sonya Peña - Dominican Republic

We've always had a cure for COVID19, but governments from around the world kept it a secret. They were bidding on seven (7) women, all named Rosemary, who have the perfect DNA to create a vaccine. The secret was exposed by a research doctor who then stole the secret serum in order to give the world the choice as to which of the seven Rosemary's received the injection.

Premieres July 1, 2020 on YouTube and our website. The audience will participate in deciding which of these characters will receive the serum by voting on their favorite Rosemary!


This film is one-of-a-kind. Cast members delivered their performances remotely from their "shelter-in-place" quarantine. 

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