Ever dreamed of having your diary turned into a book?

What about your book into a screenplay?

Vanilla Palm Films can do that for you! 

We produce the following conversions...






Upon submission, YOU agree that:


You must own the rights to all work you submit. It must be clear of ALL contractual distribution agreements associated with the media genre you want to be produced by us in order not to duplicate the current medium. Vanilla Palm Films will hold the distribution rights to the format we produce on your behalf for 5 years. As the creator of the original material, you will share all profits in a 50-50 split.

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We will take your journal notes and have an experienced ghostwriter turn them into a novel. If you've already written a book and want to see it adapted for the big screen we will have one of our screenwriters do it for you. Perhaps you'd like your book available as an audiobook? We will hire voice talent to read your book and make it available as an audiobook. And there is always an opportunity to reverse the process and have your screenplay crafted as a novel instead. 


This option requires you to share copyrights and retain Vanilla Palm Films as your distributor for a period of 5 years. Profits are split 50-50 for novels and audiobooks while film revenue is 70-30. We reserve the right to reject options on free submissions.


This option allows you to keep all rights. You are simply hiring us to do the production work. Fees are $750 for ghostwriting your book; $1500 for voicing an audiobook, and $7500 for producing and directing your screenplay as an independent film.

Contact us so we can create artistic projects together ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD:

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