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Everyone has a story.  What's yours?  Is it a secret?  Will it die with you?  Will your children know who their real parents are or know where they came from?  Will you be forgotten?  Have you written a story that no one will ever read?  Have you learned lessons in life that changed you?  Is there something you really want to say to the world, but don't know how?
It is a simple two-step process:
1-Tell your story (or the story of a loved one) to our producers.
2-Provide any documents, photographs or video you have as support material.
That's it! We do the rest!
your most common questions answered...
Question: How do I tell my story to Vanilla Palm Film producers?
Answer: Fill out the short questionnaire below and we will contact you to schedule an interview to better understand your story and how it should be told. This interview can be done over the phone, but we prefer a Skype or Facetime conversation.
Question: Does my story have to be real?
Answer: No. It can even be a story you have written or a music video.
Question: What if I don't have all the pieces of the puzzle to properly tell my story?
Answer: We will do whatever research or investigative work necessary to fill in the missing facts. We will then obtain any visuals needed to make your film a good one.
Question: Do I need to own the material I provide to Vanilla Palm Films?
Answer: Yes, for sure. It has to be your own photos, video or documents we use in the film. If it happens to be the story of a loved one, then you must have the rights to that material.
Question: How do I get my photos and video to you for editing?
Answer: Through an upload portal that we provide to you. If your materials are not in digital format then you will ship them to us using your favorite delivery method - FedEx, UPS, Postal Service, etc. If you prefer not to send the physical documents then you need to photograph or scan them.
Question: Will there be a contract that states ownership and use of the finished film?
Answer: Yes. The final product will belong to you. You can do whatever you want with the finished film. You will have the option for us to showcase your film and distribute it online for you. All profits made by your film are totally yours to keep.
Question: Are there any restrictions on genre or what type of film we make together.
Answer: No. The only restrictions will be within legal boundaries of the state in which you reside. If your story depicts anyone underage you will need to obtain parental permission.
Question: How long will it take to make my film?
Answer: You will have a finished film within 30 days of providing all of your materials we negotiate within the contract.
Question: Where can my film be shown?
Answer: The distribution outlets are unlimited. It all depends on your goal. You may choose to keep it totally private or share only among family and friends. You may also choose to distribute online for rental purposes. There are also hundreds of film festival options, in which case we will handle those submissions for you. You would only pay the submission fee which is typically between $25-$75 per film festival.
Question: What if on-camera interviews with other family members or individuals are needed?
Answer: We will obtain those on-camera interviews for you.
Question: Who pays for any travel expenses that may be incurred to obtain additional materials used in my film?
Answer: You will pay any travel fees for us to obtain video or audio needed in your film, but those expenses will be negotiated up front and will include only actual travel fees for transportation and accommodations. There won't be any surprises. You will agree on these additional expenses before we sign contracts. Most of the time, there won't be any additional expenses.
Question: What if I want to include an upcoming event in my film?
Answer: You would either arrange to have that event documented by someone else or pay the travel expenses of our crew to come to you.
Question: What will be the length of my film and in what format will it be?
Answer: That depends on the depth of the story, but most short films are anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes in length. Your film will be at a minimum quality equal to HD 1920x1080. In some cases, it will be in 4K resolution. The file format will be .mov or .m4p.
Question: How much will it cost to have my story made into a film?
Answer: $1500 plus any travel expenses that are necessary. Travel expenses would be negotiated up front so there are no surprises during production.
Question: Will I have final approval of the film?
Answer: You will approve the screenplay script before production begins. Once the script is approved, Vanilla Palm Films will have creative control over how the film is edited. However, we will stick to the script. Any changes to the script would be pre-approved by you.
Question: Does full payment have to rendered before film production begins?
Answer: No. Your payments will be broken into three milestones. Here is the order of events to making your film:
1-Submit your story idea through the form link below.
2-We will schedule a time for an interview, either by phone, Skype or Facetime, to better understand your story and how best to tell it.
3-You will receive a contract explaining all rights and expectations in producing and delivering the final cut.
4-A $500 deposit will initiate the script writing of your story. You will have one opportunity to make changes to the script before production.
5-You will deliver all materials currently in your possession needed to make the film (photos, video, documents, etc).
6-Once we receive your support materials, a payment of $500 is required to begin the 30-day promise to finish and deliver your film.
7-Your finished film will be uploaded to a password protected link for screening. You may choose to hold a premiere showing for family and friends once your final payment of $500 is paid. If you choose not to have your film screened online then it will be delivered to you via a download link or mailed to you on a thumb drive.
Question: Can my film be about my company instead of about me personally?
Answer: Yes. The short film can be about your business; perhaps the history of the company.
Question: Are true stories easier to make?
Answer: Yes, of course. Because we are telling the story of real individuals or events, we can use your own photographs, documents, and video in editing the film. We will also shoot our own footage as needed to best tell your story. In a fictitious story, we would need to create those elements which in turn increases the budget.
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