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Doodle Screenwriters Needed...

Doodle is an on-going series about the unexpected consequences of absentminded "doodling." We are currently seeking screenwriters who already have a script to pitch to us or writers who want to create their own version of Doodle!

  • Script Criteria:

  • 1-The script must be between 10 and 30 minutes in length.

  • 2-The storyline must center around a pencil that the main character finds and is totally unaware that whatever is written or sketched with the pencil comes true.

  • 3-In the end, and upon the realization that the pencil is causing undesirable consequences to it's user, the pencil must be discarded for the next unsuspecting owner to discover.

Please submit your script or script idea through the AUDITIONS link at the top!


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